Introduction of Hokkaido kin-ikyo
Our Misson
In 1949, with the aim of meeting public demands and interests through medical services, Hokkaido Kin-ikyo was formed as an non-profit organization.
This was officially declared, as we obtained a juridical personality as an "incorporated body" according to the former civil code article 34.
In 1st April 2012, we registered ourselves as a "public interest corporation" with the permission of Hokkaido government.
The Prospectus
Our mission is declared in the prospectus presented to Hokkaido government.
This was drafted in 1949, and reflects public concerns particular in that era to a certain extent. However, this still represents our heart and what we are for.
The Prospectus of Hokkaido Kin-ikyo
Fundamentally, the primary purpose of medical service is, by guaranteeing the health of each individual, to protect and improve benefits of all people and the society. Consequently, medical service largely has public aspects.
We pursue not only for better treatments of diseases, but also for prevention of diseases, which entails studying and remedying all causes of diseases including social and economical circumstances. Each of these activities ought to be a part of "medical services".

The followings are our activities for the objectives above.
1. Medical services in company with the people and under the support of the people.
2. Establishment of medical systems for the people.
3. Democratic management of medical facilities.
4. Health care and management activity with the people's participation

Here, we all agreed to establish an incorporated juridical personnel for public interest.
The Creed
As a medical instrument, we have to made many kinds of decisions in keeping with healthcare environments. These decisions are made based on our very fundamental principles called "Creed" ("Ko-Ryo" in Japanese).
Although we can see many creeds or other forms of principles in hospitals nowadays, it was very rare for a medical instrument to have such principle in 1962, when our creed was established.
The Creed of Hokkaido Kin-ikyo
Our hospitals and clinics are, along with the pride of proletarian clinics before the World War 2, medical instruments that are of the workers and for the workers.

We always are on patient's side, deliver medical services with good quality and hospitality, and cope together to protect the worker's health and life.
We always respect academic freedom, learn from new medical achievements, act internationally, and keep medical improvement.
We always cooperate together with our colleagues, other medical facilities and local people to take part in health and life keeping activities.
We always fight for the establishment of comprehensive social security system fully funded by the government and capitals.
We always are against war, which destroys human's health and life.